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EnergyCasino has now become an inescapable player of online casino market. They were far from scratch and late in a segment that was dominated by oriental names such as Unibet, bet365 or the William Hill Casino Club. At the beginning, we have doubts about this new online casino, but very quickly our doubts have gone astray, and today we can say that there are some of these old patina names on EnergyCasino on a level, and in fact, in some ways, we can say that the gossip has taken over its leading role as well.

EnergyCasino – check it out and try it out

No other online casino offers such an amount of online casino games like EnergyCasino. If you are not just a couple of familiar, favorite games, but you love to experiment, then EnergyCasino is the most appropriate online casino for you. You can choose from hundreds of slot machines, which means you can have a good chance of playing for years, and you’ve been trying all along.


Needless to say, at EnergyCasino you have a Forint account, you have your casino account with Bitcoin and you will receive your winnings in Bitcoin (always on your account / bank card / cashier account, etc. from which you uploaded your casino account – this is money laundering prevention so it’s all about online casinos).

EnergyCasino also has a very attractive bonus offer. Even if you sign up, you can apply for a free bonus of charge. Your Classic Greyhound Bonus is 100% up to 700 Euros (that is, if you download your casino account with 200 Euros, you will receive a bonus of 200 EUR if you have a deposit of 700 Euros then you have a bonus of 700 EUR). Of course, the use of bonuses has a need for reversal, even for all online casinos, for more information on our casino bonuses page.

But EnergyCasino does not only award new users, but loyal players as well. You can apply for a 25% recharge bonus every week (ie, for example, $ 100 for a $ 250 bonus).

And do not forget about the EnergyCasino Contests. Almost every day of the week there are online casino tournaments. The winners of the reindeer can win ten or even 150 Euro prizes, but often the five players also get free spins. For more information on EnergyCasino competitions, see below.

Which is also a top priority at EnergyCasino, is the quality of the Customer Service. You receive your questions in Hungarian, and you get the answers in Hungarian, nowadays, when almost every large company places customer service in India, this is a good thing.

And EnergyCasino needs to know how to keep growing. Last year they started their sports betting site, and although for regulatory reasons it is only available in English, which is not an obstacle, it is worth looking into. EnergyCasino’s serious intentions in the field of sports betting mean that it has become the main sponsor of several serious European football teams.

What is the minimum bet that I can play at the Casino EnergyCasino?

95% of slot machines and games can be used to set up lines and bet sizes. The lowest stake is 0.01 € cents. There is no need to laugh, no matter how small this amount is a very useful option if you can try a newer game with such lower sums. You are frightened of the free play and the real win-win. Then, if you like the game, you can switch to bigger bets if you do not like it, but in the worst case you just lost a couple of folds.

How do I sign up at the Casino EnergyCasino? What data should I give?

Like most online gaming sites, EnergyCasino is also interested in letting anyone register stolen cards with them. For this reason, you have to enter your birth date and real home address outside of the name. Registration at EnergyCasino is simple and you’re in for a minute.

How do I upload my EnergyCasino account?

Credit card, e-wallets or prepaid cards. Accepted Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard. Accepted e-wallets: Neteller, Skrill, Skrill Bitcoin. Accepted prepaid card service: Paysafecard.

Will you charge an EnergyCasino fee when I deposit and charge my casino account?

No. Charging your player’s account with each method is tax-free. At the same time keep in mind that e-wallets can charge you a payout when you transfer your winnings to your bank account. We personally prefer payment and debit card payments, because in this case even money-thirsty  banks do not charge fees (except the sms notification fee if you have an option).

How do I receive my Welcome Bonus in EnergyCasino?

All bonus offers must be selected on the payment page before the deposit transaction. The deposit page displays the currently available bonuses. For new players, there will be 3 bonus (First Deposit, Second Deposit and Weekly Bonus). The 100% Welcome Bonus maximum value is 700 EUR, which can be activated with one click.

How do I contact EnergyCasino Customer Support?

In English, email, Live Chat, and an international landline telephone line (which is definitely worth visiting with Viber or Skype subscribers) are available every day from 9 am to midnight on weekdays and afternoon from 1 pm to 9 pm. English-language customer service is also available on other channels at other times.

How do I contact EnergyCasino Customer Support?

EnergyCasino has offered an incredible amount of online casino games in the early years of its operation, but no other services. This has changed in the second half of 2016: they have started their betting site, but only in English. To take this service seriously, it is also supported by the fact that they are sponsoring two leading English football teams for the sake of greater publicity. As soon as our betting site starts in Hungarian, we will be more involved with it.

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