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  • Withdrawal Limit: No Limits
  • Affiliate Program: Bet365 Affiliates
  • Casino Type: Download, Instant Play, Mobile
  • Manual Flushing: Yes
  • RTP: Audited by eCOGRA
  • Established: 2001

Bet365 is perhaps the biggest name in the online gambling market, but not necessarily just because of the online casino section, but sports betting comes first to people remembering the name. But the bet365 online casino is one of the best in many ways.

It is certain that the visual empowerment of the bet365 online casino is a bit more conspicuous than the majority of the competition, but it probably has its own explanation. On the one hand, bet365 is a bristle company (it’s the UK’s top 10 in terms of turnover), and we do know that the English are generally more conservative. In addition, we have a feeling like bet365 targeting older users: the petty sneaky visual cracking is a very easy-to-use menu system that is very well-structured and very logically built in the internet world, which is not so homey (generation of parents) . So let’s stay in the sense that the slightly inexpensive visual excision is not necessarily a disadvantage, and the very easy-to-understand and logically structured menu structure is all positive in every respect. Even now, at one of the other online casinos, it’s not as easy and clear to find deposit / withdrawal points as at bet365.

Another great advantage of bet365 is that you can play a user account on all other gambling / betting sites.

Their betting site is unlikely to be presented, it is one of the best in the world (for example, it broadcasts almost all live events live, so it can even be used to watch a sporting event that is not broadcast by the sports TV channel). In addition, bet365 is the only online casino that offers stock bets (yes, you need to switch to your English page, because of regulatory uncertainties this is not available in Hungarian).

What is less positive, at least compared to the current competition, is the number of available online casino games. Unibet and Energy Casino, but the William Hill Casino Club is moving forward in this respect. Compared to about 150 games in the bet365, Unibet offers over 600 players. This is a huge difference. At the same time, let us also say that the truth is that in vain, offering an online casino 500 games, few are the hard core players who are trying to do so. The majority tries a couple of dozen and then draws their favorite 10-20 games and alternates them. So this disadvantage is really a disadvantage for a few people, and it really fits into the picture that bet365 wants the older generation to call (my mom always complains that too many types of hubs can be used to get chocolate in the supermodels 🙂

There may be a bigger problem for potential players than the bet365 casino’s Welcome Bonus compared to the competition.

At least the public is aware of this, and strangely, bet365 itself does not make this half-time misconception out of the public. It is about bet365 official Welcome Bonus that is 100% up to $300 (that is, if you deposit $300, then bet365 is credited to your Bonus Account (Bonus Money is always managed by a special bonus account for online casinos because bonus coins are subject to other gameplay and roll-out ideas – see the Casino Bonuses page for more information).

At the same time, bet365 has a non-advertised, much more interesting Greeting Bonus option that can be used with the SLOT200 password. This is a peculiarity, because it is an incredible 200% bonus up to $600 (so you get $ 600 worth of $ 300). There is a downside: Bonus money can only be used on slot machines, not classic casino games. But really this is just an apparent reservation. Other online casino companies are not allowed to make the amount of bonus, for example, on roulette. We do not understand why we do not announce this fantastic 200% bonus option bet365.

Beyond that, it is also important that bet365’s customer service is very courteous and professional, but it really does not really matter to anyone who registers with them, so well and clearly the website is built so that even the whole newcomer will be straightforward, and freezes from the server side they do not exist, so the system is too multilayer. This is not surprising, the world-wide 200 million customers are served in a wheat field, except for the server park built for bet365.

Overall, there is nothing to talk about bet365.

The somewhat dreary graphics are offset by the visibility and the manageability of the menu system, the number of games is relatively low, so there is no disadvantage that can affect many, the bonus position is not as bad as it seems at first!

100% up to €100 Welcome Bonus

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