How to pay locally with bitcoin?

First, install a wallet on your phone. For example, for Android or Bitcoin Wallet appot. iPhone for BreadWallet.

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In a place where we pay EUR  we will first get the EUR amount. For example, if you say that you are paying $ 810 in cash, and give a thousand then say: Enter a thousand!

The server thank you for entering the amount and getting the QR code. Within the phone wallet, we hover over the camera icon and keep it over the QR code of the other device (usually one tablet). Your phone will get you where and how much bitcoin you will need to pay. We check this on your phone’s display to roughly fix it and then send the transaction with a tick.

The best combo:

Where can we pay in Europe ? Go to and zoom in on the map!

Acceptance – Bitcoin in the pot

Why would you like to accept bitcoin as a payment?

Let’s start there, so that it can not harm you. At most, you have to go to a payment processor to get it in euros by bank transfer. Outside the training of servers, there is no time for money. If there is no phone or tablet available for this use, it will cost you money, but later we hope will be the widely used PoS (Terminals) to which bitcoin payment can be built.

And what’s important is that there are a lot of pages on the web that collect information about bitcoin-accepting stores and online services. For example, the map and the Wiki Trade section of Bitcoin are like this. If you accept bitcoin, in these places you can show yourself and be your customers who go straight to get the bitcoin out. Advertising is simple and effective. Whether SEO, AdWords, or even bundling leads to a high percentage of bitcoin customers.

You will be surprised how much bitcoin they will pay. From all over the world in a short time, without any company pulling on percentages. You can give a discount, get an extra bitcoin for payment, with reasonable prices and service or quality, bitcoins will primarily buy you.


There is a Bitcoin plugin for Magento, OpenCart, OSCommerce, WHMCS and Zen Cart. If you use one of these in your webshop, you can integrate your payments with a few clicks. The service called Shopify supports Bitcoin acceptance.

If you do not use such webshops, it is not difficult to resolve your payments by using a third party’s mediation, a BitPay. Visit the Shopping Cart Interfaces page to find similar services.

Think of bitcoin pay as if you were paying foreign currency. You can accept it in your shop. Enter cash instead of cash or a card or other payment category and keep track of how much you paid. At the end of the day you can switch, you can store part if you increase your value in the meantime and your profits or losses will be generated and the accountant will enter it in the declaration. Remember, you must give an euro account and you will need to pay the EUR value as a tax.

Bitcoin payments require nothing more than a tablet or phone that can be used by the cashiers. At the time of payment, we will enter the EUR amount, convert the program to bitcoin, display the QR code, convert it to the buyer, pay it, it will be displayed in us and the payment is ready. Recommended programs for this purpose


Anyway you can accept bitcoin much easier. If you do not have to ship things straight away, you do not have a lot of buyers, such as online services, you just get a wallet and you can bet the bitcoins. For example, you can assign a bitcoin address to every customer, and you will always see who sent you how and when.

Simply get a wallet and create a few titles!


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Did you know that in some places even if you do not create a wallet, do you still get bitcoin for a good humorous comment or simply because someone agreed with you? This Changetip helps. If you do not use bitcoin, you may still get it, but you will not spend it.  It is better for us to know that if you see this, you will not collect and sell at least the money you have thrown away.