Bitcoin wallets

There are several ways to store bitcoin. There is one more convenient, one that is safer and can be combined (or even worthwhile).

  • App for phone, for telephone payments
  • iPhone
  • Breadwallet – Easy and easy to use, a favorite of many.

AirBitz (Also available for Android) – It is primarily recommended for beginners as it is easy to use. It is less recommended for advanced users because it works with the opening of an AirBitz account, it does not fund the export of private keys, it does not handle Trezort, it can not import an external HD wallet.


  • MyCelium Bitcoin Wallet – both beginners and advanced. You can create and import different wallets.
  • Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet – Connected to bitcoin servers only, real SPV HD bitcoin client for Android.
  • Blockchain Wallet – Connect to the Blockchain.Info Web Wallet with this Appal.
  • Web wallets, software for computers

Create a quick wallet on the website.

1) Create a container: No e-mail address should be given!

2) Strongly Recommended: Entering, Configuring Two-Phase Authentication (SMS or Google Authenticator)

3) Optionally: export private key, secure storage in encrypted file

We can access this wallet from any browser. In fact, we can link appal if you have Android. iPhone owners do not get bored, BreadWall is a great app.

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Install the original client on your computer.

We would like to offer this solution to everyone, to provide for their own bitcoin. But it’s not that simple.

Running the program will currently host more than 30 gigabytes of storage, drive the CPU and take hours to catch up with the network and see the bitcoins sent. In addition, you will need to save the wallet.dat file on a regular basis with bitcoin keys. The solution is for advanced people, those who can take care of their bitcoins, understand how to operate a computer safely and who do not need flexibility.

Use of treasure chest

Those who are really interested in this thing but do not want to rely on their own technical knowledge to protect the bitcoins.

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With this keyring small tool, you can safely spend and receive bitcoins. The only disadvantage is that it is currently approx. Costs $ 120. But at least it can be bought for bitcoin. It is used to avoid the most typical bitcoin losses, including losing the device itself.

There are more wallet tips on the official Bitcoin website: