Roulette Revolution

Christmas is over, new year has come, and now we’re  close to blog again, so I’ll write what’s new.

The roulette revolution is the title of the post because it deserves it. It was already in November that a revolutionary thing was born. Trend Vadász is not a simple software, it was immediately available, and it was also possible to guess that this would be more than just a simple tips software.

Using the strategies combined, the most dangerous roulette device was born, which is why it is really down to the roulette team. Probably this software will guess the fuse at online casinos because it’s a really fun stuff.

It should be said that serious discipline and strict bankroll management are a prerequisite for continuous money searching. But it works.

Based on our own experience we can say that we made a lot of mistakes and experimented with things that resulted in scattering the money we collect. I’ve been dealing with the street strategy in particular, not properly, low in intervals, low bankroll … so it can not be so. Now, however, it was a new impetus, the Devil Dance Strategy was very successful.

You can start with $ 10 or 0,0016 BTC bankroll 

Currently, we’re  playing at Roulette 69 Casino because there is a Euro Roulette Low Limits table where 1 cent is the minimum bet or the outside.

On this table,we watch the Devil Dance, Street Fight, plus the Roulette Cut Module, and the game is very enjoyable. It is very easy to build with a combination of these, but keep low bets.we have started many times and built up from $ 10 bucks up to 20-30, then relaxed a bit and backed up. If you are persistent, thenwe can say that by playing 1 cent of the game, you can earn $ 1000 a month a day.


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Unibet Casino games can be made in the vast majority of cases by a minimum bet of $ 30. Some bets in the game

Attention! If you’ve got a chance now, Roulette 69 Casino offers a $ 10 non-paid bonus, but you can not use it for roulette!

Let’s just say it’s up to me that we’re  playing the numbers we’re going to play nowadays. Sometimes it comes in, sometimes it does not.we think that’s what we’re  looking for, butwe have no accurate statistics.

But software is brilliant. If you have not heard of it yet, click here to read about it.

So what  we can recommend?

I already have more modules, but we do not even know them all. Ami tuti:

  • For a small bankroll, the Devil Dance module is perfect
  • This can be done well with the Utcabál module (small bankroll with high bandwidth)
  • I also use the RulettVagta module often during the game.
  • Probably each module will only be better. For a beginner who wants only one module you can try, I’d suggest buying that devil dance.

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