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Since Bitcoin’s exchange rate has declined significantly in recent months, new Bitcoin users are getting harder and harder to access free Bitcoin. These services are beneficial because skeptical users need some assurance that Bitcoin is not a scam or pyramid game, as many people call this currency. The old, now slacking pages like the Bitcoin Faucet, which once gave Bitcoin .05 anyone who asked for a long floor floor. You have to fill in bids on other websites or do some other tedious work to get your coins, and again others are simply scumbags. Therefore, it is our pleasure to present Dragon’s Tale.

Dragon’s Tale is an uncompleted, free multiplayer online game developed by egenesis, an independent company that made the popular A Tale in the Desert games. Its main purpose is to act like a Bitcoin casino or to serve as a place where you can buy Bitcoin at no cost. Both luck and skill games can be found in the game and are regularly upgraded.

To play with Dragon’s Tale, you have to download this client for egensis games. This is available for Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems and can be run if you have at least 1 GB of RAM and 3D video card that has been manufactured since 2006. If you have all this, you need to register for a Dragon’s Tale account.

Registration is easy: just enter your username, password and e-mail address and you are ready. When you first login to the game, you will get a couple of preparatory tasks that will help you learn how to play. By completing them, you step from 0 to 1, which increases your prestige as a DT user and allows you to actually start the game. (Levels 2 and higher can be reached by achieving certain achievements in the game, for example, if you play a game more than once or you have a certain amount of Bitcoin.)

The first thing you can do about exploring the island (China) is that almost every single item you click on – places, walls, animals, sculptures, but even plants – is your little separate play. You can play different prizes for coconut palms, paint pictures, compete against bugs, feed pigs, hook up, paddle pads, or fireworks. The awards range from a ten-bit Bitcoin to a whole Bitcoin and match both casual and serious Bitcoin players.

DT’s free Bitcoin is located in the omnipresent Bitcoin stick soldier sculptures across the whole island. For some, you’re lucky, not some, but where the value paid for you is between 1 and 10 Bitmill (a bit of a Bitcoin). Insured in the picture that no one uses the bitcoin balance of the game, which includes lost bets or donations, you can get Bitcoin once a day from the same room. Some statues are harder to find than the rest. As users are less likely to find them, you are more likely to be able to earn higher amounts than others.

If you miss anything while playing, and you do not know what to do, you still have YouTube videos about the game or you can read about the aspect of the game on the official wiki page and consult with one of the helpful veteran players on your issue who seem to be always online, on the DT’s official chat site. Another solution is to ask one of these veterans to have your mentor, which will help you get quicker if you get stuck. A mentor will be happy to show you what the right way to run the games and how to increase your ‘payout’.

Beforewe started diving into this MMO,we tried to approach the subject like a wholemeal bitcoin in the world of Bitcoin, someone who has never earned money. Was it really worth registering and playing on this site? How much can you actually earn from toys and sculptures?we wanted to find out these, sowe decided to start an orphan without Bitcoin, let’s see how muchwe can gather.


100% up to €100

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100% up to €100 Welcome Bonus

Bet365 is perhaps the biggest name in the online gambling market, but not necessarily just because of the online casino

I was looking for Bitmill relatively fast enough for sculptures to play countless games (one game was just a Bitmill) andwe was happy with how fun it was. The only permanent Bitcoin source was of course the sculptures, as the games, mostly at the bottom of the betting scale, are mostly risk-oriented. However, let’s not forget that in a few days I’ve been searching for a Bitcoin’s tenth. This may not seem to be many, but remember that Bitcoin is a future investment, thanks to its definitive inventory and its predetermined deflation. Over time, its value will increase due to less inventory and increasing demand, and although the market is volatile due to Bitcoin’s recent media advertising, if we believe in Prof. Russ Roberts’s prediction on George Mason University, then Bitcoin will rise steadily in the future. Who knows? Maybe a tithing Bitcoin will have a whole fortune one day.


Maybe our favorite in Dragon’s Tale is being under constant development. It’s easy to say that the maker, Teppy (The Desire of Tale in the Desert, a game known as Di), really enjoys what he does. In fact, soon there will be a new feature for the game, which will ensure that you are collecting rare herbs around the island and beating them for Bitcoin – something that you have to try in the next couple of days. If there is something wrong with the game, let Di know it and he will solve the problem in his best knowledge.

Dragon’s Tale is a fun game where you can do many different things, and one of the only free Bitcoin resources on the net is quite important. But do not believe our words alone. Make an account and you’ll see what you think. Those with slow mining speeds can earn more than mining ever.

Successful earning of money!