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Bitcoin as payment system

Where canwe spend bitcoin?

There are several restaurants in Budapest and several shops. Many places around the world. You can also order products by post.

Bitcoin Accepted Locations in the World – Click on the map for detailed navigation

To make specific statements: In Anker club in Budapest, they are doing divine chicken quesadillas. 10% discount on Bitcoin payment. In the HQ cafe is not very friendly service, the bitcoin payment is also fluttered. Would you buy jewelry? You can do it with Bitcoin personally: you can pay bitcoin at the Fatum Jewels jewelry store. You can order computer products from and pay for bitcoin. You can also order a bitcoin payment from abroad, for example, The list of international services is virtually infinite: Do not you know how to pay in practice? Check out our “How to Pay with Bitcoin?” Page.

Why use bitcoin instead of “normal money”?

The crypt valued is “normal money”. At least we think it is normal if money can be sent to someone right away. We think it is normal if money can not be reserved for third parties at any time. We think it’s okay that the econoour is constantly “growing” and the money loses its value. We do not think we’re okay to be forced to tax, but we have no real look at spending the taxes, so we have no real say about it.

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If you’re looking for or keeping your money in Bitcoin, you will have real money. They will not be crowded. They will not deduct a monthly fee from it. You can send it free to the other half of the world as much as you want. You can transfer any amount of money across borders so that money is virtually a password in your mind. And you can continue to swap anytime, in euros, in dollars, in pounds, whether in cash or by bank transfer. But the best way to spend it without ever having to go to the usual currencies. The real question, then, is why do you use anything else when you have a choice?

Read what the story of money and what are the well-known dark secrets of popular currencies.

Who supervises the bitcoin?

No one. There is no owner who can artificially insert or remove bitcoin from the system. No central bank. Participants only check that the system works correctly. The use does not have a say in the state, courts, tax authorities. Anyone can make an unlimited number of wallets freely, without being personally tied to it.

Someone still operates, right?

Network operation means that many people run the Bitcoin program around the world. Every change in the program is publicly monitored and the community controls the changes. All programmers should work together in a malicious modification, and the community will soon notice it, and the new version will not be installed by users who have installed the new one and will go back to the old one.

It’s easier to understand how an open source project develops through community programming, if we look at its visual presentation.

We’re  skeptical, we hate bitcoin straight!

Bitcoin’s greatest supporters today rejected the first hearing. It takes time to understand. Most of us failed first. If you have not tried it in practice, you might be able to give him so many chances before you make a final decision against it.